Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mission Call & Leaving for the MTC

July 11th 2012
I forgot to put a memory card in my camera and Jaden had to take this picture at the airport right before Tyler left.  I know it is not the best picture but he still looks good to us!
I have started this blog to keep everyone informed about what Tyler is doing on his mission. It is not quite set up like I want it to yet so keep checking back.  I hope to include pictures with his letters each week.  I told him to send me at least 1 picture each week with his e-mail.  He said he would try.....:)   For the 1st posting I wanted to show the video of when he opened up his call.  I haven't figured out how to do it....Oh well.... We had a big map on the wall and before he could open his call everyone had to make a guess as to where he was going.   Makenzie guessed Hawaii,  Jaden guessed British Columbia, Tyler picked Ireland, Mom picked Brazil....that is a story in itself...I had a dream that it was Jaden opening his call and it said Brazil....Dad picked Equador,  Matthew picked Thailand. Tyler's  friends guessed all over the world.   We were surprised when he said Louisiana Baton Rouge Mission.  I know that is where he is supposed to be.  In his patriarachal blessing it describes his mission and when people tell us about his mission and that area they use the same words.   He reported July 11th.   Funny....11 was his number in Basketball....he wore that number for the last 4 years!!   His "farewell" was the 4th of July weekend  here in Heber...There was a breakfast, parade & fireworks....what a way to spend your last weekend in Heber for awhile.  Tyler did a very good job with his talk and the special number was was the song "One Voice".   He got set apart Tues. night....that was a special could really feel the spirit....then we got in the car and headed for Phoenix.  We picked a hotel close to the airport as his flight left at 7:40.    Got up and headed to the airport and was hoping to find some missionaries that were leaving with him  We saw 2 other missionaries.  They both had someone flying with them...I wished Tyler had someone flying with him....but we thought there would be more missionaries flying up there by themselves.  Oh well.......I told him the hardest part of his mission just might be saying goodbye.  I thought it was pretty hard.   I was proud of him...He walked a little slow down to the security gates & Makenzie & I kind of followed him and watched him go through the security.....he never looked back.    We wanted to stay until his plane said departed....we had hoped to get a glimpse of the plane leaving but never could.  It was a long ride home......We will miss him but we are so proud of him and his willingness to serve.  We are excited to hear of his adventures and to share them.   One other thing.....Matthew sent home a tie while on his mission.  It was the tie he wore to the MTC on his first day.  He said he never wanted to wear that tie again and so sent it home.  Tyler decided to wear the tie on his first day.... Maybe Jaden will wear that tie also:)

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