Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July 25, 2102

Hello Family!!
 Well I have 20 min. to write and Im not a fast typer so hopefully I can get in a lot of stuff.           Well Im still surviving the MTC. Im still doing fine dont worry about me..I still havent even got homesick yet!!! Which is pretty amazing I think.   I am ready to get out of here though. Its always so crowded and there are so many people.   I cant wait until it can just be me and my companion in Louisiana. It should be fun.   Im excited. I think Im getting tired of the people in my district too! haha! I mean they are still fun to hang around and stuff but some of them are really annoying and immature. I think Im the most mature out of the whole group and Im not even that mature either haha! Well I finished the Book of Mormon yesterday! That means I read the whole thing in 12 days!! And some days I didnt even get to read it cause we have class like 6 hours of the day! I think my favorite thing to do here is teach the fake investigators. I think I told you guys about it before but they get people to come to the MTC and act as investigators. We dont know if they are actually nonmembers or real members. I think its so cool to teach people the gospel! At first when I started teaching I couldnt teach at all! Me and my comp were horrible at teaching., but I committed my self to start studying the lessons hard and now I can teach them so good and I can help the investigators needs through the lesson. Its really cool when you teach by the spirit. After every lesson I just feel so good and Im always like man I cant wait to get to Louisiana and teach real people... but yeah there are somedays when I get a little discouraged cause Ill think of home or something but its not too bad.Iit only happens sometimes. most of the time Im perfectly fine and having a good time. Yeah I havent really gotten any letters yet.. I got one from Maryssa like the first day and I got one from Reed! Mostly just all the dear elders from you guys which I look forward to and enjoy. Now I know why missionaries always look forward to letters. Tell Jaden to tell everyone to start writing me! I like getting letters and stuff! ok so heres the important part. im leaving tuesday morning!!! i have to leave here at like 3 in the morning. we have a layover in Dallas. which is pretty cool. We have a layover from 9:35 to 12:00 which will be like 7:35 to 10 in Heber time! So I can call you guys anywhere between like 8 and 10! Just send me a dear elder in the next couple days and tell me when a good time to call you guys will be! And whose phone number to call! Yeah and then we get to Baton Rouge at 1:30! Its going to be hot!! Im looking forward to it though! I think Im going to buy an extra phone card at the bookstore just in case! They are like 3 dollars. so just let me know when to call you! and be thinking of things to ask me cause I got lots of stories so far!! Well thats about it. My time is almost up. I cant wait to hear from you guys! Hope everyone is doing well. I miss all you guys but Im doing fine. Im learning so much here. Its great! Well talk to you later! Love you!

Love Elder Willis

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