Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hey!! How's everyone doing? Sounds like things have been going good. My week was nothing too crazy. So I don't know how good this email will be since not very much stuff has happened this past week. I did get your package. It was good thank you. The Cliff Bars really help me out through out the day.   I have been trying to eat healthy the past few weeks. That should make mom happy! :) So last week we went and bought some khakii pants. Except I can't really wear them too often because I sweat so much that all the sweat will show up on my pants so I haven't really worn them that much. Once the winter comes around I'll probably start wearing them more often. So during this week it has rained about everyday. Almost everyday around 4 the rains starts coming and lasts for an hour or so. There were a couple days this past week when we were out riding around and we got caught in the rain storm. It was not fun! We were soaking wet trying to ride home real fast. There were a couple times that I was so mad I was about to get off my bike and just throw my bike on the ground. Plus it's so hot that it's like warm rain. Then when the rain stops the steam just starts rising from the pavement. It's so hot. I won't lie this transfer has been really tough on me. Just not having anything to do. We can't find anybody to talk to. The ward doesn't really help the missionaries that much. I think I'll be able to make it though. Hopefully...haha! This past week we did get to have dinner with this less active family. So that was something that went good this past week. They are a real cajun family so they made us rabbit stew. Yumm...I actually thought it was pretty good. I have had all kinds of stuff out here. They also were watching Duck Dynasty too. I think that was the first time i have seen a little bit of duck dynasty since I have been out here and it makes complete sense to me now. Watching it back home I was always like man these people are crazy but when I saw a little bit of it I was just like oh yeah that's pretty normal. It's funny. Out here it's not as popular as it is back home because it's normal to people out here. I guess back home its super different for people so it's really popular. So that was pretty much all that has happened this past week. Matthew sent me those pictures of the house. I couldn't recognize it was G-Mas old house. It looks completely different but it looks really good. Are you guys ready for school to start? I don't have to go to school haha! That's a good thing about a mission. You don't have to worry about schooling and homework and all that stuff. So that's about it for this week. I can't really think of anything else. It's good to hear that everything is going well. Y'all are always in my prayers. :) Love You.
Elder Willis

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